Summer Heat Garden Tips

Summer time marks the perfect time to hit the beach, party and have fun. Unfortunately, this period also marks a transition point for the gardeners. Most people find the task of gardening a bit challenging thus leading to ruined lawns and gardens. Armed with a couple of these pointers, you and your garden will be able to weather the summer heat and flourish during this period.

Always ensure the pots remain cool Most potted plants such as the terracotta tend to overheat in their pots during summer. Store the pots under the shade, away from direct sunlight. Mulch where possible. In case your potted plants have been dried up to the point where re wetting is difficult, just soak them in water for an hour then drain.

Water the plants early Watering tops the list of summer garden tips. Watering the plants early in the morning gives them enough time to absorb as much water as possible. Ensure you water during the cool hours of the morning. Watering during this period also allows the mulch/foliage to dry up sufficiently thus avoiding the growth of mildew and fungi which tend to attack the plant.

Shelter new plants New flowers, plants and vegetables need roughly 50% sunlight. The best solution to attaining this much sunlight is by sheltering the plants under old nets, palm leaves or just a few branches for up to 2 to 3 weeks. This will allow them to grow without burning out.

Water the garden constantly During summer, the key towards ensuring the survival of your garden is regular watering. Ensure that the hose has got no leaks, twists or ties of any sort which may stop the flow of water. The best watering system in this case will be drip irrigation. When properly executed, these summer garden tips will ensure that your garden remains green and healthy throughout summer.

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