Lawn Mowing Tips

Having a well maintained lawn has quite a strong, positive impact on the overall impression of your yard.  Even if you don’t have much of a garden, a beautiful lawn can make all the difference.  Similarly if you have a lovely garden already, letting your lawn go spoils the rest of it.  Here are some lawn mowing tips, that along with good lawn care, will give you a nice looking lawn.


Start by setting out a framework for your lawn mowing. First mow around the entire perimeter of your lawn. If you are using a rotary mower, with a blade that spins horizontally, make sure to mow your lawn in clockwise direction.


Do not set out on a counter-clockwise pattern unless you want blades of grass to land outside the outline you have created (unless you want to manually sweep off the blades of grass on your sidewalk after mowing your lawn).


            Now that you have your initial outline, it is time to complete your work. This is pretty simple: just mow your lawn in straight columns.


There are two tips to note here. First, remember to keep your lines as straight as possible. This is to avoid patches of grass that stick out of your lawn and make it look erratic. You can opt to make your columns overlap a little so you would not miss any spot.


The second tip is to follow a set motion when mowing your lawn. Do not mow vertically at some columns and diagonally at others. You do not want overly cut parts of the lawn.


Mowing around obstacles


            Sometimes a lawn may have shrubs or trees in the middle of it which must be navigated around when mowing.  When you encounter this simply circle the area around the tree (you can do this once or twice) in an outline, the same way you created the bigger outline. Make sure you revert back to straight lines after you have circled the said obstacle.


Elevated areas of the lawn should be mown first. After which, the simple task of mowing the lawn from top to bottom (still, in a straight line) is to be done.


            Aside from the obstacles mentioned above, there are always difficulties of this simple household task which are presented by irregularities of grass growth or lawn shapes.


Sometimes, when it takes you too long to cut your lawn, grass may grow to an almost unmanageable pace. It can always be a hassle to cut long grass, most especially if it becomes wet through rain or due. To address this, a good lawn mower is always a must.  You can mow long grass in two ways: you can either regularly empty the blades that get stuck or you may have to mow twice, first at a higher height and then again to get the desired height.

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