How Often To Water Lawn

The “Anatomy” of a Lawn

Like humans who have their sleeping patterns, plants have their sleeping hours and waking hours as well. Like humans, they sleep at night and awake in the morning.


When plants are awake, this is the time they are most active and can undergo different activities from photosynthesis to water and mineral absorption.


From this understanding of the lawn, watering can be done during the morning. This allows the plant to absorb the water deep into its roots. Watering at night would in fact be less effective since it would not be absorbed by the plant and might end up as moist, dew or runoff in watersheds.


Moreover, watering is best done when the sun is not yet shining too bright and would not disrupt the process of water absorption.


Frequency of Watering


            Avoid watering the lawn every day. This is because of two reasons: first, if there is hot sun while there is water on the surface of the lawn, much of it would just evaporate and would not be used by the plant. Second, watering everyday would create an “over dependence” of plants for water. If water is not given at a time when plants are exposed to terrible heat, the lawn may run the risk of being badly damaged.


A general rule is that for summer, watering a lawn twice every week is enough. On the other hand, watering once a week during the spring and autumn seasons is advisable, while little to no watering is needed during the cold months of winter.


Amount of Water


            You might be wondering how much water to give your lawn. Again, it has to be adjusted based on your lawn grass type and the season.


Generally, 10 to 20 minutes worth of activating the sprinklers in the lawn is enough. You may opt to extend the session during summers and lessen the time during winter.


Make sure not to drown your lawn by overwatering. Excessive watering may mean soft soil that can be prone to damage or lack of oxygen that can hinder proper growth of grass.


Other Reminders for Lawn Watering


            Always remember that in watering lawns, you need to take into account the surroundings as well as the innate characteristics that exist in the grass type itself.


For lawn watering, you can always opt to use recycled water. This would mean both savings for you and savings for the environment as well.

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