Gardening Ideas For Kids

Gardening for kids can be enjoyable for everyone involved, and the activities may be as simple or as complex as needed. You can garden successfully even if you have limited time and resources, and your child may develop a love of connecting with nature that lasts a lifetime.

Remembering to keep things simple may be the best advice for gardening with toddlers, and simple activities such as digging holes and filling them with water can introduce them to a new way to have fun outdoors. Little digging tools, watering cans, and garden gloves can personalize the experience, and your child may enjoy digging, pouring water, or pulling weeds at this point. Planting seeds may be appropriate for children over the age of four, and creating a small terrarium or greenhouse can introduce them to plant life. Allowing children to be as involved as possible can keep the project fun, and things like walking through garden centers and looking at seed packets may be appropriate for school-aged children.

A theme garden may be ideal for a child, and the experience may lead to a lifelong love of working with plants. Your child may want to focus on planting and growing their favorite vegetables or flowers, and you can add projects like building scarecrows or other structures that support the gardening activities. Allowing children to do as much of the gardening as possible may be crucial to their enjoyment, and you should let your child guage the time that is spent on projects. A few minutes or a few hours may be equally rewarding with an open mind and a good plan.

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